Shipping & Returns


The entire United States is currently dealing with a shipping vessel crisis throughout the country and our award winning products sell out very fast and often. No available vessels, delayed vessels, port gridlock for miles and port employee shortages are causing major inventory shortages for all retailers. Arrival dates are constantly being changed as vessels are delayed, have no place to dock or the shortage of employees at the ports cannot get to these vessels to unload them. There is currently no end in sight for any retailer attempting to receive their products. For that reason we can only state approximate time frames for processing your order, and those time frames are listed just above the ADD TO CART BUTTON; and if you currently have an order with us, we are working diligently everyday to get our products delivered and get them to everyone the moment they arrive here. We have been sending updates to your inbox from as often as possible. We, unfortunately, can do no more than that.
Thank you

During this very busy time Renetto is dedicated to trying to get all orders processed within 3 business days after they arrive to our location

Now for the great news! Many of our most popular products are back in stock BUT HURRY, they are selling fast!


You will receive email notification from us, as well as UPS does send tracking information to your email address once the label is printed. Please always check your email junk file.

*****Please note: all items ship at once and you are only charged for that 1 shipment. If you order an incoming color or item along with some in stock items they will all ship at once.*****

How do I return an item?

You can return your product for any reason for a full refund as long as the product has not been removed from its original wrapping and container and is also still in brand new condition. Please send returns to: Renetto: 4000B Sardis Church rd. Monroe NC 28110. Please include the original invoice that was emailed at time of purchase as well as a notification for reason of return. Please note: The original shipping charge to send to you has already been paid by us and cannot be refunded. 

For those very rare occasions that an item arrives with an issue right out of the box, simply send an instant text to: (888) 736 3886 or an email to with an attached photo so we can send an immediate replacement. We will start the process immediately to get an exchange if this is a defective item.