About Us

Renetto Original Canopy Chair Backpack Beach Chair

We are the inventors and creators of The Original Canopy Chair. We are proven innovators and recipients of numerous patents, as well as many awards and top ratings for our products.                                       
Over the past decade, we have conceived, designed and engineered products that have re-imagined markets and ignited consumer desire. Our first product "The portable hammock" has been a top seller in Target, Dick's Sporting Goods, The Discovery Channel Store, Brookstone, and many other major retailers, and has redefined the hammock market. From that amazing product , we redesigned and perfected its' capabilities by launching the all new "zero gravity" hammock.

Our masterpiece, and we have been recognized for, most often, all over the world is what we consider to be our celebrity, "The Original Canopy Chair". The best canopy chair available today. This amazing design has been recognized by publications everywhere for its innovation and incredible quality. Many have tried to fool consumers with imitators that don't come close to the portability and highest of quality our patented canopy chair offers.

Renetto is a product design and development company that combines innovative engineering with extraordinary design to provide revolutionary products that will redefine the entire market.
We will NEVER replace quality with quantity as all other retailers today are so guilty of doing. Extremely high quality and continued innovation, making our products second to none, is our number 1 goal everyday.

Since then , we have been revolutionizing the entire outdoor experience with newer versions of our Original Canopy Chair, a footrest that is fast to install, and easy to store under your chair and never has to be removed, an all new and soon to come, and the very first, collapsible all in one rocking chair, the newest and most comfortable addition to our hammock line, the all new and coming soon, "tan and shade" , face shade product,and much more.