Do RENETTO products come with a warranty?


If your RENETTO product breaks, from normal use and not obvious abuse, within one calendar year, Renetto will replace your product free of charge.

This process is made as simple as possible. Merely send us a photo of the defect, along with your order information to: support@renetto.com, so we can pull your file and send you a replacement and arrange for the return. This is for warranty covered items and NOT items that while being used daily are caused by damage TO the product itself.

This warranty is for structural defects, such as frame integrity and hardware defect issues. Items that can be torn, ripped or damaged from wear and tear or accidental use issues, can obviously not be covered, as we do ask you to inspect these areas immediately after receiving your chairs to ensure these were not issues that were present when received.

We manufacture all of our products with the highest quality materials and the highest level of innovation in the marketplace. The very reason why Renetto is the only outdoor company that offers a full 1 year replacement guarantee.

In those very rare scenarios where you may have a manufacturing defect in your product right after receiving it, simply send us an immediate response text @ (704) 967-4205 or email at support@renetto.com along with your invoice number (not your customer id) and we will respond immediately to get you a replacement.

What if I receive the products I ordered and change my mind about color, or my order selection?

In very rare occasions we have had consumers who have chosen to change their color, since we do offer so many more choices than any other outdoor retailer. Or they may change their minds altogether for other reasons.

Simply contact us via text @ (704) 967 4205 or email: support@renetto.com so we can supply you with a return address and collect your new shipping fees,

and we will make your swap as quickly as possible! 

Are the Renetto canopy chairs the same as the Kelsyus chairs seen in retail stores or Amazon?


The differences truly are dramatic

Renetto has a licensing agreement with Kelsyus. While the chair design and patent [for both companies] are the same, there are many differences between the two products.

Although the Renetto canopy chair and Kelsyus canopy chair are of the same patented innovation and design. We use the Kelsyus brand for the stores and Amazon as a lesser expensive item. The Renetto brand is our high line and offers:

Much thicker steel walls

Double stitching everywhere

Thick 600D Polyester

A 600 lb capacity (static weight) / 400lb consumer rated



Can now add the new attachable accessorypull wheels


A mesh backing

A much larger canopy

A fully adjustable front canopy flap

Backpack pockets on the canopy


Dual padded backpack straps


An attached tablet pocket


Up to 13 color options ( offered at different times of the year )


New attachable fold away canopy extensions


Our unique plastic molds for mush stronger and thicker parts


An all new Renetto designed hide away footrest accessory available for purchase on our site only.

All new attachable side canopy side flaps that also fold into the backpack



Are there different sizes of The Renetto 'Original Canopy Chair'?

We offer the over sized heavy duty capacity original canopy chair 3.0 "Tailgate Edition" along with the all new and smaller "Soft Top" edition and "Beach Bum" edition original canopy chair and now the ALL NEW Economy "Original Canopy Chair". Comparable in price to the store and Amazon model but of better quality!

Please visit our product pages for weight capacity & measurements of our Original Canopy Chair.

When will I receive my chair?

Update: Please read the first paragraph above

After placing your order you will receive 3 emails. The first email is an order confirmation. Please print and keep this email for future reference. The second and third email you will receive (within 3 business days) will contain UPS tracking information and an estimated delivery date. If the color or product you chose is currently listed as delayed shipping . This is a back order item that will ship as soon as the item arrives in our warehouse. 

How much is shipping?

During the checkout process you will be given an accurate shipping cost prior to checkout. You may elect to cancel your order if you are not satisfied with the UPS shipping rate.

What shipping methods are available?

All items are shipped exclusively via UPS. Shipping methods available are: Ground, 3 Day Select, 2nd Day Air and Next Day Air. PLEASE NOTE THAT MOST ORDERS TAKE 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS TO PROCESS. If expedited shipping is requested, your order will still take the same amount of time to process as listed above. If you have questions about expedited shipping or would like to request an urgent ship out date please submit an email. contact form.

****If you are placing any orders that are currently pre-order colors along with an in stock color, all items are shipped at one time as you are only being charged for that 1 time shipment****