Winter Camping Gear Essentials

January 08, 2018 Steve T

Are you a camping lover, but a bit hesitant to trek out into the cooler weather? Here are a handful of must-have camping essentials to make your winter weekend outing a bit more comfortable and convenient!

Sleeping Pad to Prevent Heat Loss

No matter how great your insulated sleeping bag is, it helps to have a pad underneath it to add an extra barrier between yourself and the frozen tundra. This lightweight camping pad is designed to prevent heat loss, so you can stay warm all night long. They claim it only takes 10-15 breaths to inflate the entire thing! 

 Sleeping Pad to Prevent Heat Loss - winter camping gear


One of the most commonly overlooked pieces of winter camping gear is sunblock. Because snow reflects the sun’s rays, you still need to protect your uncovered face from UV rays and burns. Opt for a broad-spectrum blend with a high SPF.

Sunscreen - winter camping gear

Emergency Mylar Blanket

It doesn’t cost more than a few bucks to invest in a good, reflective emergency blanket. It’s a winter camping essential that you don’t want to ever need, but need to always have on hand. The reflective surface is great for emergencies, and it rolls up tightly to fit in your car’s glove box if you ever break down on the side of the road and need extra warmth.

Emergency Mylar Blanket - winter camping gear

A Great Base Layer

Layer, layer, layer. The right base layer of compression clothing will help your body stay warm, and you can remove it if you need to. Opt for a tight fit, so it stays close to your body and doesn’t feel too bulky under your regular clothes (making it easier to move around.)

A Great Base Layer - winter camping gear

Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

There’s a reason why Swiss Army knives are so popular; it’s because they have just about everything you need if you’re “out in the wild.” If you need to cut a rope, whittle some kindling down, or open a can of chili to cook on the campfire, a great multi-tool will be your best winter camping friend.

Multi-Tool Pocket Knife - winter camping gear

Portable Camping Heater

A roaring campfire can keep you warm when you’re huddled around it for dinner or to exchange stories with friends. But if it’s raining and you’re stuck in your tent, you need another option for a reliable heat source. Depending on your space needs, there are portable tent-friendly heaters that you can keep on hand if you’re not hiking to a remote camp spot.

Portable Camping Heater - winter camping gear

Waterproof Boots

If it’s cold and you get wet, it can seem like an eternity before you’re able to dry off or warm up again. Your feet are one of the most important areas to keep safe if you’re camping out in freezing temperatures. Opt for a waterproof, insulated boot and moisture-wicking wool socks.

Waterproof Boots - winter camping gear

A Chair That Wraps Around You

Instead of a standard camping stool or folding lawn chair, consider investing in a quality chair that has optional canopies to help shield you from the elements and trap escaping heat. The Renetto original canopy chair even has an option for an add on hideaway footrest! Plus, the cup holders are big enough to hold that insulated Yeti cup.

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