Great Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

February 07, 2018 Steve T

A box of chocolates is good every once in a while, but sometimes your Valentine enjoys getting a special gift that “gives” all year long. When your significant other likes spending time outdoors or focused on a favorite hobby, it’s time to get creative with your annual Valentine’s Day giving. Here are a few creative valentine's day gift Ideas to get you started.

Custom Star Map

Where were you when you first met, finally had that first kiss, or the day you got married? Now you can plug that date and time into a calculator to recreate the actual position of the night sky, and see the stars as they were on that special evening. These custom posters make a neat conversation piece in any room.

 Custom Star Map - Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Breakfast in Bed

We all see it on the movies and occasionally consider ordering it if we’re at a hotel, but how often do you spoil your spouse with breakfast in bed? It’s not just moms who like this idea…the men do too! Here are dozens of different ideas for breakfast in bed meals and set-ups to make the moment look extra special (be as fancy or as original as you like!)

Breakfast in Bed - Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

A Travel Jar

Hoping to take that unforgettable trip out of the country, but don’t quite have the funds set aside to make it happen? Give the gift of a jump-start travel fund and dress it up to make it appealing. Just be sure you have a good chunk of change (or dollar bills, rather) so that it’s not empty when you hand the jar over. The gift will be something you can both look forward to!

A Travel Jar - Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Something for the Sports Lover

Whether it’s tailgating, cheering the soccer team on from the sidelines, or weekend camping trips that your significant other enjoys, find a new favorite accessory for them to take along with them. One of our favorites is the Renetto canopy chair with add-on foot rest, which lets them kick up their feet so they can sit back and enjoy their surroundings.

Something Crazy to Try

Has your spouse always talked about doing something crazy, like going skydiving or finally getting that tattoo? Consider buying it for them and wrapping the “experience” (aka gift card) in a special envelope for them to open up. Sure, it looks like a simple card, but the message says, “I love you for who you are, now go have some fun!”

Something Crazy to Try - Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

 A Personalized Cooler

This unconventional Valentines gift is great for your next camping trip, taking the boat out on the lake, or loading up with your favorite drinks for the next football game.  You can even order custom decals on sites like to add to a cooler you already have. This nontraditional option works for both men and women!

 A Personalized Cooler - Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

A Funny Card

Still want to send flowers, chocolates, or that cute set of pajamas? Add a bit of character with a funny card, to make your gift a bit more creative than normal (without being too non-traditional!)

A Funny Card - Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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