Top Auto Shows in the United States

March 23, 2018 Steve T

Are you a car lover? Collector? Do you enjoy seeing lengthy automotive remodels or brand new futuristic designs for automobiles of the 21st century? Every year, there are dozens of top auto shows hosted around the country. Whether you’re planning to buy or just want to enjoy the work of others, here are some of America’s best car shows to put on your schedule:

 The Chicago Auto Show

Hosted every February, the Chicago Auto Show offers everything from media previews for new cars to charity fundraisers and food drives. Admission is under $15 for adults (even less for kids) and originally started back in 1901. The entire show covers more than 1 million square feet, so you might want to consider renting a scooter for $50 a day!

 Atlanta International Auto Show

Just a month after the Chicago Auto Show is a March car event in Atlanta at the Georgia World Conference Center. Attendees can even “ride and drive” new models to experience manufacturers products that are fresh off of the assembly line, including Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Volkswagen, MINI, and Mazda.

 Atlanta International Auto Show

North American International Auto Show (aka “Detroit Auto Show”)

The Detroit Auto Show has been a top car lover event since 1907. Except for a 10-year break during WW2, the Detroit convention has been an annual event. It’s held in January of each year. Compared to the previous auto shows mentioned, Detroit can cost a pretty penny (as much as $300 to $400, depending on the pass you’re getting.)

North American International Auto Show (aka “Detroit Auto Show”)

 LA Auto Show

Hosted toward the end of November to early December at the LA convention center, the Los Angeles Auto Show is one of the hottest car events in California. Like other popular car shows, this one got its start in 1907. Hundreds of thousands of car shoppers attend the event each year.  LA Auto Show

New York International Auto Show

The oldest auto show in the United States, the New York International Auto Show got its start in 1900. It’s hosted in late March/early April each year. Ticket prices are just under $20.

New York International Auto Show

San Francisco International Auto Show

Another fall car show, this one is hosted in mid to late-November. It got its start in 1958 when a group of auto dealers were prevented from participating in a domestic car show. As you might guess, the San Francisco car event is packed full of imports!

When You’re Taking a Break from the Hustle and Bustle

Like most conventions, car shows can tend to get a bit crowded and have limited seating. If you’re hoping to test drive a new model or learn more about a prospective purchase, you’ll want to bring a portable folding chair with you to relax!

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