Great Gift Ideas for the Outdoors Enthusiast in Your Life

March 09, 2020 Steve T

Shopping for Gifts sometimes comes naturally, and other times it doesn’t. When you have an outdoors enthusiast in your family, it’s hard to come up with brand new gift ideas. But when you choose the right one, it will be a hit that is used all year long.

Here are some of our top picks:

Accessories for Their GoPro

Why not get everything a GoPro owner needs with this comprehensive accessory bundle? It comes with a vest mount, head mount, tripod, and more. Now there’s no excuse for missing that great shot…or the front seat view you got on that last hike up the mountain.

Accessories for Their GoPro - Outdoors Enthusiast Renetto

Blow Up Couch - Outdoors Enthusiast Renetto

Hoping to recline off the ground, but not in a hammock? With the flick of a wrist, you can inflate this Netherland-designed couch. It only weighs about two pounds when you pack it up, but it can hold up to 440 pounds total. Thanks to the sturdy construction, you can set it on anything from a rocky shoreline to a body of water.

LifeStraw Water Filter

You never know when an emergency will strike and you’ll need clean water. The LifeStraw is a small, compact tool for your go bag or hiking kit. It can be reused, as the carbon filters are interchangeable. To make it even better, the safety straw helps to take out bad tastes and odors from the water you’re drinking.

LifeStraw Water Filter - Outdoors Enthusiast Renetto

Heated Insoles

These aren’t just any insoles. These are water resistant, rechargeable ones that can keep your boots or hiking shoes warm for up to five hours at a time. When there’s no telling what the weather is going to hold on that next overnight trail hike (or sitting on the sidelines during a grandkid’s soccer game,) these accessories will bring you just a touch of the comfort from home.

Heated Insoles - Outdoors Enthusiast Renetto


Campfire Cologne 

Campfire Cologne - Outdoors Enthusiast Renetto

When there’s not an option for an outside campfire, you can still enjoy the smell of one. Just pile up a few of these small sticks onto a non-flammable surface and light them…then close your eyes, and your nose will take you straight to your favorite campsite!

Steel Trail Marker Ornament

Mountain hiking makes great memories, so why not order a custom trail marker-themed Christmas ornament to hang on your special person’s tree each year, to remind them of the fun times they’ve had? They’re affordable enough to make a great stocking stuffer.

Steel Trail Marker Ornament - Outdoors Enthusiast Renetto


A Foldable Kayak

Designed by Nortik, this foldable Kayak isn’t cheap…but it can fit into small areas and is a whole lot easier to haul around (not to mention store in the garage.) Beginners will need a little practice putting it together, but it’s a watertight and reliable tool that will sure to be a hit with any outdoorsman or camper.

A Foldable Kayak - Outdoors Enthusiast Renetto


A Road iD

Emergencies are something that nobody likes planning for, but we all need to be aware of. The Road ID brand was designed for runners and triathletes, but it’s something that any outdoorsman can find use of. The customizable bands or shoe tags have all of the necessary information on them should someone find you unconscious, so that your loved ones can be contacted.

A Road iD- Outdoors Enthusiast Renetto

Deluxe Folding Chair

From tailgating to a day at the beach, the Renetto folding chair has everything you need to relax…a canopy that shades you from the sun, standard tablet pocket for your favorite book, or smart pad and cup holders large enough to hold your Yeti. Now you can even add more shade with the optional attachable canopy side extenders.

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