Fun Family Outdoor Activities in the Winter

December 09, 2020 Steve T

Most of us don’t think about family outdoor activities during cold weather, but there’s just as much to do when it’s winter as there is when summer break rolls around. If you’re at a loss for ideas beyond building snowmen and ice forts, and are starting to get cabin fever, here are some great recreational ideas to get you started:

Snow Painting 

 You know to avoid the yellow snow…but what about red, green, or blue? “Snow painting” can be fun for all ages, and give you something fun to look at until the thick blanket of white starts to melt away (or before you finally shovel off the driveway, whichever comes first!)

Snow Painting - Outdoor Activities

Make Homemade Maple Syrup Candy 

It can take some practice, but maple syrup candy is a hit with just about any age. Consider visiting a local maple syrup farm or vendor, or tap your own from trees on your property. The classic way to make maple taffy is to pour it into freshly fallen snow. Making this delicious treat is good for taste buds and memories alike!

Make Homemade Maple Syrup Candy - Outdoor Activities

Create a Homemade Bird Feeder 

Enjoy watching the cardinals from your sunroom or kitchen window? Making a bird feeder will give them an extra reason to show off their bright colors. Just be sure to hang it out of reach of those pesky squirrels!

Create a Homemade Bird Feeder - Outdoor Activities

Freeze Icy Cold Hands for a Funny Conversation Piece 

Is it cold enough that the ice isn’t melting outside? Pick up some latex or nitrile exam gloves from the drug store, fill them up with water, add a few drops of food coloring, wrap them tight with a rubber band, then set them out overnight. The next day, peel the gloves off for a frozen “hand” that you can set out along the sidewalk. The kids will think it’s hilarious.

Freeze Icy Cold Hands for a Funny Conversation Piece - Outdoor Activities

Build Your Own Cheap Ice Skating Rink 

Go big or go home. Perhaps you don’t have a pond or neighborhood mall with an ice skating rink, but you still want your family to enjoy the memories of how it feels to glide over a thick sheet of ice. With a bit of ingenuity and a few everyday hardware supplies, you can build your own rink in the back yard!

Build Your Own Cheap Ice Skating Rink - Outdoor Activities

Make Frozen Bubbles

Normally thought of as a summer activity, blowing bubbles may be more fun to do in cold weather than it is on a sweltering day outside. Why? Because they freeze! In just a matter of seconds, you can see the bubbles start to crystalize and solidify across their surface. It’s like watching a snowflake form right before your eyes.

 Make Frozen Bubbles - Outdoor Activities

Sit Back and Watch Everybody Else

Some of us prefer to cozy up with a blanket and (spiked?) hot chocolate, watching everyone else take part in the cold outdoor activities…and that’s ok! The Renetto original canopy chair with footrest lets you kick your feet up and enjoy the moment without remaining in the confines of the house.

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