8 Cool Products You Need This Summer

August 01, 2018 Steve T

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, another summer has arrived, with new surprise gadgets and toys to come along with it. For 2018, it’s all about keeping cool and comfortable in the outdoors. We have a good feeling that once you check these products out online and in the stores, you’ll be saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Inflatable Water Slide for Your In Ground Pool

Have a pool, but not a slide for the kids to play on when they come over? Get a blow-up slide that you can store for the rest of the year. Kids love it and it’s cheaper than a trip to the water park. It’s like a slip-n-slide on steroids.

Inflatable Water Slide for Your In Ground Pool - The original Canopy Chair from Renetto®

( https://www.familyleisure.com/Discount-Pool-Supplies/Inflatable-Water-Park-Slide?code=PPCC&gclid=CLvNpJTUi9QCFd66wAodU5AAkg )

Folding Chair With a Built in Canopy

You love sitting on the sideline at your son’s soccer game, but the squelching heat of the summer sun can really do a number on your skin. Instead of toting a huge umbrella around to give you some much-needed shade, just pick up a folding chair that has a built in canopy! This one even has a padded seat back, and two cup holders (one for you, the other for your athlete!)

Get the original Canopy Chair from Renetto® red

( https://www.renetto.com/products/canopy-chair )

Cooler With a Built in…. Everything….

Looking for the Swiss army knife of coolers? This is it. From a built in USB outlet to charge your phone and even a built in blender (no…really) you’ll be the hit of the tailgating event with this load in tow. No, they didn’t forget the LED lighting so that you can find your drink in the dark, OR the splash proof speaker. It’s practically a portable party.

Cooler With a Built in…. Everything ....Renetto® Original Canopy Chair

( https://coolest.com/ )

Convertible Picnic Table / Bench

Love the idea of having the kids slurp down watermelon on your back porch, but don’t like the thought of keeping a picnic table out there at all times? This convertible picnic table turns into two separate benches that you can slide up against the patio wall anytime you like!

Convertible Picnic Table / Bench ....Renetto® Original Canopy Chair
http://convertabench.com/  )

Inflatable Bull Riding Pool Toy

Are mechanical bulls a bit too intimidating? This “inflat-a-bull” version is a blow up, ride-on bull that you ride on in the pool. It’s sure to be a hit at any summer pool party, regardless of your age! Just pile the family and friends around to give it a good shake. There are plenty of fun times to be had!

Inflatable Bull Riding Pool Toy..Renetto® Original Canopy Chair

( http://odditymall.com/bull-riding-pool-toy )

Portable Kid Bunkbeds for Camping or Vacation

Headed to tent camp at the state park? Looking to squeeze a couple of kids into that condo you’re renting at the beach? These portable bunkbeds are like a two-tiered cot that folds up for easy portability. Kids love them because it makes sharing a room fun. Parents like them because they don’t have to tiptoe around sleeping bags or pay for an extra room!

Portable Kid Bunkbeds for Camping or Vacation...Renetto® Original Canopy Chair

( https://www.fatherly.com/gear/kid-o-bunk/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=owned&utm_content=fatherly )

DIY Coffee Table to Bench Conversion

Maybe you don’t need a picnic table, but you do need some extra seating on your back patio now and then. This DIY wooden coffee table folds in half to transform into an artisan bench for your guests.

DIY Coffee Table to Bench Conversion...Renetto® Original Canopy Chair

( https://www.handmade-haven.com/blogs/news/ig-builders-challenge-3 )

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