Festival Essentials, What to Take to a Festival

March 05, 2018 Steve T

What Necessities You Need to Bring to Festivals

You’ve had the date on your calendar for weeks and it’s time to pack up the car for that festival you’ve been looking forward to. Whether it’s an arts and music fest or a hot air balloon show, there are some things that everyone needs to bring with them!

Check out these festival essentials: 

A Phone Charger

It never fails, when you finally need to get a hold of somebody via call or text, your battery starts to drain down faster than it takes you to say “supernova.” If your festival is going all day long, pack a portable battery pack to charge your electric necessities.

A Phone Charger - What to Take to a Festival

A Camera

Depending on the event you’re going to, some places are starting to have rules against cell phone use. Whether it’s to keep people from talking and interrupting the show, or to preventing video from getting leaked, you’re still going to want to be able to grab some great snapshots. Keep a small or single-use camera with you just in case.

A Camera - What to Take to a Festival


Drinks and Snacks

If you’re allowed to bring food or beverages into wherever you’re going, be sure to pack appropriately. Not only can a well-stocked cooler save you tons of cash, it makes it more convenient than standing in the concessions line for 20 minutes.

cooler - What to Take to a Festival



Outside festivals mean soaking up plenty of vitamin D. In addition to having shade on hand (whether it’s from your chair or an umbrella that you’re holding,) you need to protect your face and arms with a high SPF.

 Sunblock - What to Take to a Festival


A Clear Bag

Ladies, most festivals and sporting venues these days now limit the size of your purse, wallet, or whether or not you can bring a bag in at all. If you can, you’ll need one that’s transparent so security can know you’re not hiding anything that should be brought in.

 A Clear Bag - What to Take to a Festival


Something to Sit On

You don’t want to be standing all day long. From a quit to spread out on the ground to your comfortable folding chair to lounge in, make sure you have somewhere to sit and relax between activities or while you’re taking a time out for lunch. Some chairs double as your seating and sunblock at the same time!


Camping Gear

Are you going to an overnight festival where you’ll be camping out at the event? Make sure to bring whatever you need to keep yourself comfortable, including a tent, sleeping bag, and cooking gear.
Camping Gear - What to Take to a Festival


Your Tickets

Don’t get to the venue without double or triple-checking that you’ve packed your tickets to get in. If they’re digital, be sure your phone is charged and you have the email receipt handy. It never hurts to bring a paper backup just in case.
Your Tickets - What to Take to a Festival


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