Top Events and Festivals in March

February 22, 2018 Steve T

Here are some of the top organized activities and festivals in march that are sure to be a smash. Whether you’re watching online or packing up for a road trip, here are a few to keep your eye on:

Mardi Gras

You’ll find the biggest Mardi Gras parties in New Orleans. Depending on the year, it falls in either February OR March (so be sure to check your calendar!) Marked as the beginning of Lent, Mardi Gras is known for big parades and lots of partying on “Fat Wednesday.”

Mardi Gras - festivals in march

White House Easter Egg Roll

Like Mardi Gras, Easter falls on a different date each year. The holiday marks a time for egg hunts, picnics, and perfectly planned, coordinating outfits for all of the kids. If you’re near DC, you can sign up for a lottery to try to get tickets to the Easter Egg Roll at the White House. If you don’t get picked, you can always buy some of the wooden souvenir eggs sold by the White House Histological Association.

White House Easter Egg Roll - festivals in march

St. Patrick’s Day

Everybody is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. One of the best St. Patty’s parades to visit is the one in Chicago, where the river runs green, just like the leprechauns. They’ve been dying it annually since 1961! Like any parade, you’ll want to get there early to find a good spot. Since you’ll be waiting a while, make sure to take your folding chair and wear your green so that you don’t get pinched.

St. Patrick’s Day - festivals in march


Held in Austin each year, South by Southwest (or “SXSW” as the locals call it) is a chance to watch free films and hear new music, which makes it fitting for Austin’s artistic and eclectic atmosphere. If you didn’t already know the locals’ motto, it’s “keep Austin weird.” SXSW started out as an alternative rock festival in 1987, and offers a spring alternative to the Austin City Limits music festival held in the fall.

SXSW - festivals in march

Lantern Festivals

Popular in countries like Thailand, Taiwan, and China, lantern festivals fill the dark sky with hundreds of small lanterns, held by the spectators in attendance. When the time comes, each one is released and they float away, just like miniature hot air balloons. But don’t worry; if you can’t get to Asia, lantern festivals are also held in large cities, such as Dallas.

Lantern Festivals - festivals in march


This 1,049-mile dog race is held in Alaska every March, but people come from all over to experience it. The race wraps up in Nome, which has plenty of great food joints to stay warm in while you’re waiting for the sleds to show up!

Iditarod - festivals in march




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