The Ultimate Tailgating Gear

September 27, 2019 Steve T

It’s football season, and that can only mean one thing: tailgating. You’ve already made up your mind to be more prepared this year. In fact, you want to take things up a notch. Here are a few must-haves for being the most prepared tailgater in the stadium parking lot.
Check out these tailgating gear must-haves:

Portable Propane Grill

A collapsible, portable propane grill makes it easy to set up and start cooking anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re on the blacktop in the parking lot or want to roll your setup into the grass, you can get the same great chargrilled taste that you would on your bigger equipment back at the house.

The Ultimate Tailgating Gear – Renetto Canopy Chair

Games to Keep Everybody Entertained

What’s a tailgating party without some games to play while the burgers are still sizzling on the grill? When in doubt, go with classics like Ladder Golf or Cornhole. You and your buddies — or even the kids — can show of your skills and keep things lighthearted while you’re waiting on the football game to start. You can make most of these games on your own, and paint them to match your favorite team’s colors.

The Ultimate Tailgating Gear – Renetto Canopy Chair

A Tailgate Food Tent

You’ve tried to block the memory of how long it’s taken to make all of those jalapeño poppers, sausage kabobs, and spinach dip; now it’s time to enjoy them. But nothing is more repulsive than seeing bugs swarming all over your treats before your friends even get a chance to taste them. Or worse, covering them with foil and nobody realizing what’s there. This portable food tent sits on top of your table and unzips just like a regular tent would, letting you go back for seconds without having to shoo away the flies.

The Ultimate Tailgating Gear – Renetto Canopy Chair

A “Go Plate” That Sits on Top of Your Cup or Bottle

These compartmentalized, reusable dinner plates will hold a full meal’s worth of food, and set right on top of your plastic red cup, or slide over your beer bottle. Now you can use one hand to hold your food, and the other to throw that beanbag.

The Ultimate Tailgating Gear – Renetto Canopy Chair

Jumping Cables

With all of that tailgating going on, it’s fairly common for you or your buddy’s car battery to go ahead and fizzle out on you when you least expect it. You love football, but you don’t want to hang out for hours after the game is over, waiting on a ride. Having a pair of jumper cables on hand will keep you out of a bind, or help you to save the day for your new buddy a few spots down. Can’t remember how to jump a car? That’s ok, just read the directions, here:

The Ultimate Tailgating Gear – Renetto Canopy Chair

The Perfect Chair for Your Tailgate Party

If you really want to tailgate in style, you need the perfect Tailgate chair. Not just any folding or canvas one will do. You need the chair of all chairs: the one that keeps you out of the sun, has a couple of different cup holders, and even includes a flap for your phone. Did you work up a good sweat during that game of corn hole? There’s built-in mesh down the middle of the back and the seat to provide you with some natural air conditioning. Plus, it has up to a 350lb. weight capacity!

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