Products that provide sun protection and UV Ray protection

July 03, 2019 Steve T

Being sun-savvy is vital to keep yourself healthy and your skin safe. Whether you’re fair skinned or want to reduce your risk of dangerous skin cancer, it can take forming good habits to keep yourself burn-free. When it comes to products that can help you in the process, there’s more you need than just a conveniently priced bottle of sunblock. Check out these Products that provide sun protection and UV Ray protection:

Portable Shade to Take with You

Not every sports complex has a place to sit out of the way under a covered pavilion. You need to be ready to take the shade with you in the form of a broad-brimmed hat, umbrella, or something like the folding Renetto original canopy chair (plus, the extra vented back and seat will help you stay cool when the temperatures start to rise.)

Be Wise About Your Sunscreen

If you’ve walked down the sunblock isle anytime recently, you may have felt overwhelmed at looking through the selection of products available. Unfortunately, they’re not all equal. Choose a broad-spectrum blend to protect you from more harmful UV rays. If possible, go with a higher SPF. Remember to reapply the lotion or spray regularly, about every hour, until you come indoors. It’s not a “once and you’re done” coating that protects you.

 Portable Shade to Take with You - sun protection and UV Ray protection

Watch out for Your Eyes

Your skin isn’t the only thing that needs to be protected from the sun; your eyes do too! Native American tribes used to wear small wooden boxes with slits cut into them over each eye, tied on with a strip of leather. Today, we have 100% UV protection lenses to help safeguard our vision. If sunglasses weren’t so important, why would airline pilots be required to wear them? Be sure to take a pair out with you if you’re fishing, as light will reflect off of the water’s surface.Watch out for Your Eyes - sun protection and UV Ray protection,,20307275,00.html#westward-leaning-sunglasses

UV Blocking Clothes

UV safe clothing helps protect your skin and reduce the risk of cancer. In fact, there are specific brands available (even in performance gear) to help you feel comfortable and stylish while you’re out in the sun. With everything from hats with flaps (to cover your neck) to breathable tunics and pants, you can feel confident that you’re following recommendations set forth but the Skin Cancer Foundation.


https://www.coolibar.comUV Blocking Clothes - sun protection and UV Ray protection

Protective Products for Your Hair

Too much sun exposure can tense your tresses. Over time, you might start to feel like your hair is becoming dry and brittle (not to mention the crispy texture caused by any added chlorine or salt that it’s being exposed to during outdoor activities.) To protect it, apply a product like leave-in serums and conditioner that are specifically designed to protect your hair from excessive sun damage when wearing a hat isn’t an option.

 Protective Products for Your Hair - sun protection and UV Ray protection

Sun Savvy Swimwear

 Sun protection is an everyday thing, but it’s especially important when you’re spending hours on the lake, at the pool, or on the beach. Wearing sun gear like rash guards and board shorts can save you the pain of an unwanted burn, so that you can enjoy your time without worrying about constantly reapply sunscreen all over your entire body.

Sun Savvy Swimwear - sun protection and UV Ray protection


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